Those motherfucking cocksuckers, as my maternal grandfather might have said. Once again, the smartest people on the Internet, the one corporation that makes it all happen, have decided that this company must not be able to advertise on political blogs for fear of bringing the dread of politics onto an ad medium service. Never mind that the blog sites we care to spread the message on are primarily political websites. Google isn’t avoiding running ads on them at all.  They’re just avoiding to run ads like this:

I guess, in the grand objective perspective of our technocratic overlords, a deck of cards commemorating historical buffoonery is equivalent to spreading rumors about Democrats and/or Jews drinking the blood of babies. It’s absolutely absurd and yet that is what’s happening. My cards have factual and verified information. They make no claims other than some of these people, when they open their yappers, look absolutely disgusting.

Is that who Google thinks they’re protecting? Is Google making sure the politicians don’t get their feelings hurt?

The Internet should be a great equalizer, and it sort of is. Once we got on the system, B.R. Cards was competing with Amazon for spots on Palmer Report. Some dude in a room with a cool nickname (Sole Member) vs Jeff Bezos (Goliath) in the battle for a reader’s attention. But what the Internet has become is a tool for the very wealthy and powerful to further spread their influence and control. Google has a need to portray itself as an arbiter of objectivity so that their power is acceptable. But like all out of control capitalist creations, they are a force of a singular perspective: what is good for Google. A company who hides behind a guy with a funny name happens to cower when the 5 of freaking Clubs has the idiotic audacity to suggest during a congressional Zoom meeting that some random engineer with a Twitter account be fired.

My mother wasn’t as profane as her father was, but she did drive around town with a Beam Me Up, Scotty, There’s No Intelligent Life On This Planet bumper sticker, so you know she raised me right.

Fuck you, Google.