Speaking strictly as Sole Member, not only do I have a bad record of social media self-destruction, but I’m not too hip on technology. Given a choice, I will turn on my own lights, for example. In fact, the Clapper would be the closest I would get to an at-home assistant. Until I start falling and not getting up.

All of this is to say, that my usage of Flash Sale may be incorrect. This may very well be just a President’s Day Weekend sale, like for linen and shit. But, of course, this isn’t linen. These are cards. Cards that are not pieces of propaganda but rather factual remnants of our nation’s not too distant past. A time many Republicans would like to forget because many Republicans have treated our country like trash all for the opportunity to pocket more dough.

Facebook, of course, does not agree that these cards aren’t propaganda, and they have disallowed the distribution of this ad through their system. I’m free to post my image all I want, just like the folks who post the Merchant Jew image on that platform. I just can’t promote my cards like, apparently, Nazis can spread their anti-Semitism.

This here is a real deal. And dare I call it fabulous. $5 off per pack with the coupon code bananas!elpresidente45_theflusherking. Just a bunch of random stuff that you can copy from here and paste in checkout through Tue, 2/22/22.

Tell your friends because I sure can’t.