The Googs had declared another Sensitive Event for this week of 6/20 meaning my ads had been pulled from the Google Ads windows featured prominently on the left wing blog sites my company has targeted as its demographic for the good of our country. Indeed, the second week of the January 6 Select Committee‘s televised proceedings is the sensitive week as my ads were running just fine during the previous week’s televised hearings.

Time changes everything.

Google’s decision to block my ads for political purposes allowed me to rewrite the front page of the website without any notions of political objectivity, at least. No more comparing the neverending reign of Donald Trump with that of Jason Voorhees. Now the gloves are off and I’m referencing Trump’s supposed pee-pee tape in a parenthetical. Arguing that history isn’t politics was like me trying to hold up a waterfall.

And now with the Supreme Court denying State’s rights from protecting us from guns, while at the same time enforcing State’s rights to rip away abortion services, I’ve decided to just let my freak flag fly.

The Republican Party has long been an authoritarian driven power within the United States. The Reagan Revolution privatized nationalized industries in order to fuck with our social safety net. That cocksucker is burning in Hell and also happens to be responsible for a school shooting at my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara, when he unleashed the National Guard on students rioting against the Bank of America for its involvement in the Vietnam War. That’s the juice in my sauce, in case anyone is wondering.

Then again, it has been two whole months since 4/20. Maybe the Googs should simply re-up.