While Sole Member may be found traipsing on the Internet talking trash, the purpose of the 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards is not to insult the politicians on the other side of the spectrum. The sole purpose of these playing cards is to expose the faulty behavior of Republican senators during the impeachment trial of President Donald J Trump so that we, as a nation, won’t repeat such ignorance again. The idea of Never Forget is so that we improve upon our failures and move forward. If our nation is governed by senators who have decided the morals as directed by the U.S. Constitution weren’t worth defending, then of course they’re going to come off as a collection of mindless and egotistical sacks of poop.

It means we’ve got to vote these people out of office. There is nothing nice or not nice about it.

As for the project, if a senator happens to look like a shrieking lizard, or a lost space creature, or a freshly whacked crackhead, then that’s merely Frank’s interpretation of things. The reception his radio received from the airwaves of our political landscape. Basic gut stuff, which as we learned during George W Bush administration, is as good as anything.