Sole Member went to a school that taught him proper nouns were always capitalized, and that President, when used to identify a particular individual who happened to be the President of the United States, was to be capitalized. Therefore, in quotes on cards, where the source did not capitalize president, we made the executive decision to capitalize the word when it referred directly to the impeached president Donald J Trump. In this case, the term president is used identification of the role, as in a president who had been impeached, rather than the impeached President which refers directly to Trump.

The same goes with senators who work in the Senate, as much as House reps are representatives who work in the House.

Not discussed in this 5th grade class was whether or not the concept of Deep State should be capitalized. As an ambiguous term directed towards a particular group of government officials who do or do not exist, Sole Member is of the camp that, yes, it should be capitalized. Anyway, a lower case deep state seems to normalize the concept. And much like the Klan hide behind sheets, and Nazis like to claim they don’t really exist, the Deep State deserves to be identified.

In addition to excelling at English, a young Sole Member attended social studies courses where he learned about the factors of democracy and the role of government. It was during this same 5th grade year that Puerto Rico was discussed as a potential 51st state of the Union with Washington, D.C. coming in 52nd. If they were currently states, in terms of population, Puerto Rico would rank 31st and D.C. 50th. Combined, their populations amount to almost 4 million people.

The population of Wyoming is less than 600,000. Alaska has less than 700,000. The two Dakotas combined measure about 1.7 million. All eight of their senators are Republican, and all voted to exonerate Trump of his impeachment charges. or that matter, New York state has 18.8 million residents and California has 39.7 million. All four of their senators are Democratic, and they represent more than 19-times the population of Wyoming + Alaska + the two Dakotas.

Basic freaking math.