As mentioned in the spiel, the 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards is the first product in the B.R. Cards catalog. And considering the amount of dirty handed politics and corruption committed by the Republican Party in charge, there’s bound to be a whole lot more. Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they are ready for a sardonic laugh. Even those who don’t like the drawings or get much of the purpose of the data can appreciate the fact that God spoke to Mitt, and said, “Let the kid make his deck of cards, for fuck sake.”

That alone might be worth the investment.

We at B.R. Cards don’t want to get ahead of ourselves by proclaiming a $15 pack of cards will translate into a greater value somewhere down the line. But we also don’t know. As it is, we will be producing only 25,000 Gold Back versions of these cards, and only on this site. After that, the 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards will be made available at fine novelty card shops across America with a yet to be established standard B.R. Cards back and box. Granted, we may only sell one of those decks, but then that would create two collector’s items, which from our perspective is a Win-Win.

Should the master plan take effect and we, in fact, sell 50,001 decks of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards, thereby declaring the Gold Back edition as the true collector’s item to one day to fetch a pretty patch of bitcoins, then all three potential products in the poll will be coming down the pike. You can take that to the bank.

The B.R. Cards catalog will not go silently into the night. No sir.