We are Banana Republicards, LLC, currently a sole member entity headquartered in Austin, TX, doing business as B.R. Cards. In short, we are proud Americans who figured that converting left-wing advocacy in the form of a commodity might be a good way to maintain self-employment. The 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards is our first product for sale to the public. It was created by:

Sole Member, who conceptualized the product and developed the company. Sole Member conducted the necessary research and took care of all the legalities. Born in 1970, Sole Member spent his formative years watching Reagan invest the future of our country in atomic weaponry with the ability to destroy the planet thousands of times over. The flip side is America won the Cold War. Yay!

Frank Piercing, who drew all the art. Frank was born in the final days of the Baby Boomer generation. Frank and Sole Member met through a lady folk singer and guitar player mutual friend at a South Austin party held at a home known to its residents and neighbors as the Hippie House. (In the true spirit of transparency, the lady folk singer is actually a jazz singer who specializes in Americana. That just because she’s a woman with an acoustic guitar does not mean she happens to be some sort of Joan Baez clone. B.R. Cards apologizes for the confusion.)

Danielle, who handled the graphic design, and thereby put it all together. A Millennial, she was Sole Member’s supervisor when he spent three months working for a local head shop. An artist in her own right, her work can be found on Instagram under the moniker Horror.hunnie.

B.R. Cards thanks you for your interest.