The inspiration behind these cards were the playing cards developed by George W Bush and his administration of war hawks on the eve of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. Somebody, more than likely Donald Rumsfeld, thought that a 52-card playing deck of targeted Iraqi military players ranked by card value and suit would benefit our boys and keep them safe in their upcoming rampage of a sovereign nation.

B.R. Cards products are crafted with care and the consumer in mind. Unlike the Bush administration, we use top quality, casino-grade paperboard for our playing cards. Also unlike the Bush administration, we believe in the notion that an educated public makes for a healthy Republic, so we packed each card with data.

As Americans we celebrate transparency. Sole Member may choose to remain anonymous on this site, but consider it part of a shtick. (It’s really not difficult to seek him out.) All playing card data was sourced online from the websites,,, and various local news websites from around the country. Please visit the references section for links to all our quotes.