With the death of Donald Rumsfeld, it’s a good time to point out that my current lot in life as Sole Member for Banana Republicards, LLC, began as a fermented seed with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On the very first day, when it was already obvious that we had entered a clusterfuck ontop of the quagmire we had fighting since 2001 in Afghanistan, the story broke that our soldiers were given full decks of cards containing the names and photos of our enemies subdivided by suit and further ranked in number.

There was just so much wrong with our country’s behavior during the George W years. Most especially was our lack of respect for any other person’s land and what importance it may hold to the global community. Rebels went on to destroy a museum of Mesopotamian artifacts in a coordinated attack to loot and destroy intellectualism (also on the first day of the war, for fuck sake) and we basically had let it happen.

But the cards developed under Rummy’s watch really took the cake for American arrogance. I was thinking last night that the man who helped create Aspartame was definitely the singular decision maker behind the making of those cards. He didn’t just okay them, is what I’m saying. He was the man with the plan.

As a man with my own plan, let me say:

Adios, MoFo.  A just world would have had you die in prison.