At B.R. Cards, we wish to help strengthen the foundations of our society, and that includes utilizing the United States Postal Service, an entity ensured by our Constitution, for all shipments. We offer Ground, Priority, and Priority Express mail options. As much as we appreciate the USPS, we know its decision-making skills aren’t the best. We know that they are still run by a Grade A Asshole who continues to insist that cutting service is a necessary way to cut costs, even though executive compensation serves absolutely nobody. As a result of this neo-liberal bullshit, First Class Retail has been axed. Ground service will probably add 1-2 days to most shipments, but have no fear, as your cards will still get there. Priority and Priority Express are still reliant on air delivery and is not affected.

Ground Service price are affected by both weight and distance. In terms of the former, there is a distinct jump in postage from 4 to 5 decks. Orders at 5 decks and more will be shipped via Priority should you choose Ground.

Good news, ex-patriots and empathetic foreign allies. We now ship internationally. Provided the U.S.P.S. is capable of reaching your neck of the woods beyond our borders, you can get your own slice of American history. It’s a small world, after all.