This is where I, Sole Member, will write to all who wish to waste more time here and read in 1st person singular. This is opposed to the front page of the site where I, as sole member of Banana Republicards, LLC, strive to maintain a sales approach of 3rd person company voice that casually falls into a 1st person plural. And though it may be in this country, that a corporation is a person, too, my friend, my company happens to be a sole membership LLC, and so there’s a whole other voice there than there is over here. You can trust me on that.

This isn’t my first blog, but it is my first blog with a purpose other than trying to get some writing done. For the company blog will be focused on matters that involve company thoughts. All the ins and outs that B.R. Cards can muster and put on a screen for you, the reader, to waste even more time at this site. That’s really what this blog is about: customer retention. Maybe, the thought goes, I can get some of you to bookmark this site. That way you can come back and come back more often than the one time you checked out and maybe bought a deck. (I truly thank you for both!)

Here is another photo from the recent 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards photo shoot. These did not pass the muster for the front page. That’s because my webmaster doubles as the marketing guru in this endeavor, and though I may be sole member of Banana Republicards, LLC, and therefore in charge of all the copy at, I am actually okay at time with other folks driving.