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Our Republic, If We Can Keep It

Yesterday, before the government of the United States had to go into lockdown due to a rampaging goon squad of Infowarriors, QBalls, and American Nazis, I realized I hadn't finished the previous blog post whose title promised that I was going to get political. That title, of course, was meant to get images of leg [...]

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This Is Still the Company Blog

It ought to be repeated that the thoughts here on the back page of the website consist of completely of my own beliefs and are not to be considered that of the company. The company just wants to sell cards. Meanwhile, I, Sole Member, may get bored while in between packing packages. If anything, [...]

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This Is the Company Blog

This is where I, Sole Member, will write to all who wish to waste more time here and read in 1st person singular. This is opposed to the front page of the site where I, as sole member of Banana Republicards, LLC, strive to maintain a sales approach of 3rd person company voice that casually [...]

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