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What’s New in 2023

This company blog post should have been published roughly six months ago, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Adding to my tardiness is there only being one significant change to report. Operations for B.R. Cards has moved from the frozen tundra of Central Texas to the wetlands of Southern California, and that ain’t fake news, folks. One thing we like to do here at B.R. Cards is buck some trends. It helps to have a basic philosophy that the general mass public contains way too many dipshits to enforce any credibility. Popularity doesn’t make up for facts. (Neither do right wing news bubbles, which seems to be the primary source for the mass migration hysteria in my Google search.) So while newspapers and online sources reported on a massive migration of millions from California seeking independence, freedom, and whatnot in more affordable Red States homes, it wasn’t difficult to discern the bullshit. I spent more than half my life in Texas. The jobs I was finding were paying less than $20/hr. It was time to return to my [...]

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Our Republic, If We Can Keep It

Yesterday, before the government of the United States had to go into lockdown due to a rampaging goon squad of Infowarriors, QBalls, and American Nazis, I realized I hadn't finished the previous blog post whose title promised that I was going to get political. That title, of course, was meant to get images of leg warmers on your mind (thereby being a great title), as well as introduce the concept of the company blog becoming some kind of edgy mouthpiece of serious discussion. Then, in perfect stoned Sole Member fashion, I went on to not discuss any politics at all. More so, I didn't even construct an ending. I posted and published and was done with it. Listen, nothing here is edited beyond the scope of my interest. I will add a link to something or other for no real reason, but I will not necessarily go back and fix the punctuation. These are blog pieces. They are meant to maybe entice you to come back to the website for more (if you want to call it that). And. as [...]

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This Is Still the Company Blog

It ought to be repeated that the thoughts here on the back page of the website consist of completely of my own beliefs and are not to be considered that of the company. The company just wants to sell cards. Meanwhile, I, Sole Member, may get bored while in between packing packages. If anything, these thoughts are to elicit the reader to possibly bookmark this site so as to come back for more wit when they happen to find themselves bored. That is my personal goal. After much thought and commiseration, I still fail to see the politics of my site, certainly not enough to ban my presence from the Google Ads platform. What I see here is history and context, and passion coupled with disappointment, but I don't see politics. I see the end result of a government that has taken advantage of its role for itself more so than for others. And yet the fact remains that nine months ago, 52 Republicans circled their wagons around Dear Leader to protect him from fair prosecution by the laws [...]

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This Is the Company Blog

This is where I, Sole Member, will write to all who wish to waste more time here and read in 1st person singular. This is opposed to the front page of the site where I, as sole member of Banana Republicards, LLC, strive to maintain a sales approach of 3rd person company voice that casually falls into a 1st person plural. And though it may be in this country, that a corporation is a person, too, my friend, my company happens to be a sole membership LLC, and so there's a whole other voice there than there is over here. You can trust me on that. This isn't my first blog, but it is my first blog with a purpose other than trying to get some writing done. For the company blog will be focused on matters that involve company thoughts. All the ins and outs that B.R. Cards can muster and put on a screen for you, the reader, to waste even more time at this site. That's really what this blog is about: customer retention. Maybe, the thought [...]

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