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The 2023 Holiday Season Spiel: Can’t We All Get Along?

The Trump turkeys and ham have had their gooses cooked, folks, and that’s reason to celebrate. Sure, an evil man still walks among us, but his superpower has always been money, and he’s never really been all that rich. Now our courts are exposing the big beast with a previously asserted fungus penis as a truly neutered man. Ivanka has turned on him, and Melania's not even around. Beyond the cult, who is going to fall for his shtick? The folks making friends by shutting down bridges because they want the Israelis to stop their siege on Hamas on the other side of the planet less than two months after Oct 7? Come on. This deck is not about Joe Biden, so I am not going there. However, I have learned to accept that agreeing with 40% of a presidential agenda really ain’t that shabby considering how terrible Republican leadership has been in my lifetime. They spend all the money, and cut all the taxes, and then leave the American people with a raided infrastructure and all the bills to [...]

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The Good News Out There

As evidenced by how the B.R. Cards marketing campaign has seemingly busted out all over various left-wing inspired news sites, the Sensitive Event ban enforced by Google Ads has apparently been lifted. According to the Alphabet Corporation, ads for packs of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards no longer infuse flames of rhetoric and potentially dangerous behavior. So not only is the Big Guy allowing Sole Member to participate in the free market again, but you potential customers are no longer susceptible to committing batcrap crazy conduct. Fuck yeah, everybody! This company has been through a number of Sensitive Event bans, so take it from me. This may be only a window in time. You still could go batcrap crazy, but it's not this summer of 110 degree weather coupled with West Coast hurricanes. As of right now, you are are typically sane and fully capable of clicking on a B.R. Cards image ad without blowing up a neighbor's home. And as the potential sparkplug for such heinous behavior, I’d like to point out how happy I am we [...]

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What’s New in 2023

This company blog post should have been published roughly six months ago, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Adding to my tardiness is there only being one significant change to report. Operations for B.R. Cards has moved from the frozen tundra of Central Texas to the wetlands of Southern California, and that ain’t fake news, folks. One thing we like to do here at B.R. Cards is buck some trends. It helps to have a basic philosophy that the general mass public contains way too many dipshits to enforce any credibility. Popularity doesn’t make up for facts. (Neither do right wing news bubbles, which seems to be the primary source for the mass migration hysteria in my Google search.) So while newspapers and online sources reported on a massive migration of millions from California seeking independence, freedom, and whatnot in more affordable Red States homes, it wasn’t difficult to discern the bullshit. I spent more than half my life in Texas. The jobs I was finding were paying less than $20/hr. It was time to return to my [...]

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Call Me Crazy

I find myself still insisting that these cards aren't factors of politics. They may be based on the actions of politicians in recent American history, but that doesn't make the product itself a political tool. I am but a tax paying citizen of a country who wants fair elections and leaders who aren't total pricks, and what I hope to accomplish with these cards is an educated public. Just how fucking stupid were these folks who voted to acquit Donald Trump? Our cards cover that. That's not politics. That's common sense. Politics is the governor of Texas blaming a representative from New York for support of the Green New Deal in response to a statewide blackout during a winter storm that killed over 250 folks in their homes. On the other hand, these are the cards I played by candlelight huddling under blankets with my dog for over 20 hours wondering if I was going to make it till morning. And entertained I was. It was the Republican Party who circled the jerk and refused to allow the Constitution to [...]

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U.S.P.S. I Love You

I haven't been doing too much blogging lately, but before I hop back in the saddle of whimsical small business thinkings and stuff, I wanted to point out that the Post Office served B.R. Cards well this holiday season. Aside from an occasional shipment that got lost for a week in a system that involves humdreds of millions of parcels a day, I was able to successfully deliver within the continental U.S. as well as the shipments to Hawaii and Alaska. Obviously, Sole Member is only one guy with limited experience, but so far in the nearly 16 months of online retailing, only one package had failed to reach its final destination. Without diving into much research, at least 8 out of 10 are reaching the customer on time, and I follow this stuff. Maniacally. Following the process from afar of the one overnight delivery requested this holiday season caused me palpitations. In 2021, the US Postal Service handled 128.86 billion units of mail. That number is astounding and only 44% of the $306.4 billion that Elon Musk is supposedly [...]

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It’s the Holiday Season

Welcome to the jingle. It's a bit early, but thanks to the lunar calendar and the media cycle, add in a dose of Covid, and all sense of time has been scattered like buckshot. This is what makes the subject good enough sense for a blog piece. And since nothing has been added to the company blog since Donald Rumsfeld died, why not keep up with the good times? Happy almost end of the year, All! Though it's pretty brutal out there, it's important to stay focused on the big issues. Joe Biden did not make the gas prices go up. A combination of supply and demand as well as the push to a healthier environment pushed the market. Oh, and tension between Israel and Iran inflating futures pricing of crude oil about three months ago. White fright has always been profitable. But enough of the Middle East. I'd like to focus here on a Sole Member sales pitch. I've got some very politically hip friends, and even a couple of them have asked, "Aren't the 2020 Senate Impeachement Trial [...]

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Of Knowns and Unknowns

With the death of Donald Rumsfeld, it's a good time to point out that my current lot in life as Sole Member for Banana Republicards, LLC, began as a fermented seed with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On the very first day, when it was already obvious that we had entered a clusterfuck ontop of the quagmire we had fighting since 2001 in Afghanistan, the story broke that our soldiers were given full decks of cards containing the names and photos of our enemies subdivided by suit and further ranked in number. There was just so much wrong with our country's behavior during the George W years. Most especially was our lack of respect for any other person's land and what importance it may hold to the global community. Rebels went on to destroy a museum of Mesopotamian artifacts in a coordinated attack to loot and destroy intellectualism (also on the first day of the war, for fuck sake) and we basically had let it happen. But the cards developed under Rummy's watch really took the cake for American arrogance. [...]

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Real Fake News

For once, I am in agreement with Donald Trump. Blog writing can be a bitch, and not the kind you can move on by taking furniture shopping. I mean, a real barking dog protecting herself while in heat battle between the mind's inside voice and the words that must be put out on the screen for the good and benefit of all. Goddamn if that's not some kind of task. Western Media may claim to be a bastion of truth, but that's just jingoistic nonsense they get to say because free speech is protected. Western Media hasn't done anything but manipulate the people. News isn't news unless its straight up factual evidence portrayed in strictly an objective matter. But leave it to Western Media to find that special nugget that turns weather, sports, and traffic into human interest stories. For four years, the Republican Party circled their leader and provided zero practical solutions to our country's myriad of issues. They used their 1st Amendment rights to disregard the rest of the Constitution all in a bitter attempt to maintain power [...]

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Work Ethics

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about Americans not wanting to go back to work, the crux being that unemployment benefits are too good for jobs to compete. Which is obnoxious because it avoids the entire axiom of the free marketplace. If unemployment insurance pays better than the job at hand, then pay a better wage. But Republicans would rather discuss how lazy Americans are, because that's what you do at the end of the day when you actually hate Americans. One reason B.R. Cards exists is for the sad fact that crazy, lazy Sole Member can't find a conventional job. In 1999, when I first broke out on my own, I had been out of college for 7 years and had been consistently in the workforce for over a decade. Like many young people, I spent a lot of time in the food service industry. But there comes a time when you don't want to do that anymore, and like I tell my father every time we have one of these discussions about my frustrations over not [...]

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The Final Social Media Update

It looks like Sole Member has finally done enough for the Twit machine to permanently suspend the @brcards1 account. Did I roll the dice one too many and suggest the NRA braintrust die in a hail of bullets? Even I might admit that may have gone too far. But, no, the latest and last @brcards1 Twit machine transgression was to tell my paralyzed governor, Greg Abbott, who is one of the more nauseating human beings to have ever graced this planet, to go roll his wheelchair off a cliff. It was an innocent response to him openly advocating on Twitter for the passage of Prop B, a local ordinance that would bring back a camping ban which was rescinded two years ago in light of federal courts ruling against them. See, to our governor, anything my city does is a sign of Liberals running amok in America; and since he's a mighty powerful, white, Christian soldier, confined to a wheelchair or not, he will demand that whatever my city does to stop doing it. He will even tell the Legislature [...]

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