For once, I am in agreement with Donald Trump. Blog writing can be a bitch, and not the kind you can move on by taking furniture shopping. I mean, a real barking dog protecting herself while in heat battle between the mind’s inside voice and the words that must be put out on the screen for the good and benefit of all.

Goddamn if that’s not some kind of task.

Western Media may claim to be a bastion of truth, but that’s just jingoistic nonsense they get to say because free speech is protected. Western Media hasn’t done anything but manipulate the people. News isn’t news unless its straight up factual evidence portrayed in strictly an objective matter. But leave it to Western Media to find that special nugget that turns weather, sports, and traffic into human interest stories.

For four years, the Republican Party circled their leader and provided zero practical solutions to our country’s myriad of issues. They used their 1st Amendment rights to disregard the rest of the Constitution all in a bitter attempt to maintain power as the minority party in charge.That was news then, and it’s still news now. Instead, we’re talking about his mutherfucking blog. Or Israel. Always with the Israel.

The news is that we live in a country that resembles more an oligarchy than a true democracy in part because our news has been fractured to lead with all that bleeds. Distractions are the key to keep us all wondering just what is going to happen next. Well, we need a new Senate, for one. And from there we can save our society from the demogogues who wish to make it their own.