To go along with our Mother Jones mobile device ad, we’ve been trying to get a Google Ads account up and running so that folks who visit left-wing blog sites can stumble across our wares. Unfortunately for us, B.R. Cards appears to have scared the trillion dollar Alphabet Corp. According to Webmaster Mike, the only time he has had this much difficulty was when working on a CBD site.

Google Ads is concerned about the current B.R. Cards ad campaign in three (3) ways:

1. Politicization. Google doesn’t allow political ads unless there is a disclaimer on the bottom indicating where the money for the ad came from. Which seems silly because we are selling playing cards, and the money for the ad comes from the company (mine) selling the cards; i.e. the name of the money behind the ad is in the actual ad.

2. Online Gambling. The Googlers seem to think our ad might go so far as encourage some of you folks to gamble your lives away. As opposed to the politicians we are mocking who have pretty much done that all by themselves.

3. Dangerous and/or Derogatory Images or Messaging. Or as I like to see it, accused of being a Charlie Hebdo.

Thankfully, we have a 1st Amendment in our Constitution that protects our rights to mock political and public figures, so this should be taken care of shortly. Then again, folks are still fighting Charlie Hebdo, and Dear Leader has his own contingent of extremists. Who is to say that an unhinged MAGA caveman might not try to behead me for taking Dear Leader’s image in vain?

That’s some 2020 vision. But I think we’ll all be okay. I have enough faith in humanity for that.