I am pretty certain that Webmaster Mike is not too down on my previous post, but that’s why it’s tucked back here on the company blog, where I, Sole Member, speak only for myself. Frank is definitely not down with the potential of MAGA men seeking comeuppance for Dear Leader, so everybody leave him out of it. And Danielle is too sweet and innocent. She is also conniving and can cut ya, Proud Boy. She was my supervisor at the head shop for almost 100 days. I know of what I speak.

Webmaster Mike is as even-keeled as they get. It is one reason why he’s loved and cherished by so many. As of this morning, he was still talking to Google; and I’m totally sure they know how to find their way back here to the company blog where they might read my angry thoughts about them, but if they won’t let us advertise, then I get to say what I want back here. And that happens to be, Fuck ’em! I know my money isn’t special to a trillion dollar corporation, but I do have the freedom to my express myself. In this country, I am afforded the right to dissent, and so I shall!

My goal is to simply advertise my wares to like-minded folk who read left-leaning rags. I’ve got a great tagline and a high quality product. Not to mention, it’s arguably art. Nobody is proselytizing to anyone around here.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this had something to do with the shitbag Republicans getting all tight ass on Wednesday, mispronouncing Mr. Pichai’s name and bitching about personal attacks against them on Twitter. I can imagine the bad taste left in ones mouth after staring at pasty white privileged faces who are simply too stunned and stupid to grasp how their failures as U.S. senators makes the public behave in such a way. How dare the 8 of Clubs be accused of murdering puppies! The man only regurgitates information from the GRU for American consumption. It can’t be that bad!

I guess what I’m saying is, if anybody knows Bradley, please get him to assist us so that we’re fully functional as an e-commerce site. It’s the American thing to do.