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The Good News Out There

As evidenced by how the B.R. Cards marketing campaign has seemingly busted out all over various left-wing inspired news sites, the Sensitive Event ban enforced by Google Ads has apparently been lifted. According to the Alphabet Corporation, ads for packs of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards no longer infuse flames of rhetoric and potentially dangerous behavior. So not only is the Big Guy allowing Sole Member to participate in the free market again, but you potential customers are no longer susceptible to committing batcrap crazy conduct. Fuck yeah, everybody! This company has been through a number of Sensitive Event bans, so take it from me. This may be only a window in time. You still could go batcrap crazy, but it's not this summer of 110 degree weather coupled with West Coast hurricanes. As of right now, you are are typically sane and fully capable of clicking on a B.R. Cards image ad without blowing up a neighbor's home. And as the potential sparkplug for such heinous behavior, I’d like to point out how happy I am we [...]

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The Googles Can’t Help It

Got another letter from Google today. To their credit, they're only removing one of my ads currently running on the system. The reason, they say, is Click Bait, which is pretty hysterical coming from, you know, Google. Naturally, the email Google sent came from a notification-only email address that does not accept replies. So I can't tell them exactly what I'm going to tell this faithful readership (especially those who have been coming back for something new only to discover that this blog is the same old bland complaints). The reason for the tagline America's Most Dangerous Cards is because Google spent three months banning my ads from reaching the readers of small left-wing blog sites. The explicit reason Google banned my cards, after all, was because of their manufactured excuse that our country had entered a Sensitive Event phase. First, it was the run-up and five week aftermath of the Nov 2020 elections; and then it was the run-up and six weeks following Joe Biden's inauguration. That is the origin of our tagline, Sundar, you nauseating gas bag of [...]

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Let the Record Show

On Sat, Feb 27, Google Ads graciously allowed B.R. Cards back onto the platform so that we could advertise to our market, the good readers of relatively small left-wing blog sites. On top of allowing Sole Member to generate income again, how cool is it that we as a nation made it through the latest declared period of a Sensitive Event without any further damage? Do you believe in miracles? God bless the U.S.A. In pure Google fashion, there is no telling what makes the general online audience less sensitive to events today than in previous weeks. To be honest (and I'm biased), but I felt that I handled the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump pretty darn good. I didn't scream at my television set nearly as much as I had during the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Like a lot of educated folks, I knew what was going to happen. The Republicans would deny responsibility while simultaneously declare that they have been tied up in legislative knots and/or total cahoots and justice will be delayed again. But [...]

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Sole Member vs Goliath

The following is the official reason why Google banned the B.R. Cards ad campaign from the Google Ads platform. It took a few clicks to get to the link, but here's what the company explained to yours truly: Ads that potentially profit from or exploit a sensitive event with significant social, cultural, or political impact, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism and related activities, conflict, or mass acts of violence. Examples (non-exhaustive): Appearing to profit from a tragic event with no discernible benefit to users; price gouging or artificially inflating prices that prohibits/restricts access to vital supplies; sale of products or services  which may be insufficient for the demand during a sensitive event; using keywords related to a sensitive event to attempt to drive additional traffic. Ads that claim victims of a sensitive event were responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim blaming; ads that claim victims of a sensitive event are not deserving of remedy or support Examples (non-exhaustive): Ads which claim victims from certain countries were responsible or deserving of a [...]

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Update: Yes, We Are Now On Google Ads

There has been a lot of new traffic on the site recently, which means many new potential customers, and a few new readers. So it should be noted that Google has now allowed us to run our ads on the platform. Just as the trillion dollar global corporation arbitrarily decided on Oct 25 that the U.S. election was a sensitive event that demanded the silence of political functions in ad space (even if those political functions are actually small businesses producing playing cards commemorating the historical reality which was the Republicans in the Senate circling their wagons to protect Dear Leader from abuse of power charges in regards to blackmailing Ukraine for manufactured information regarding Joe Biden's son, Hunter), so they decided that on Dec 10, their responsibility of keeping an online nation chill can be called off. Which is very sweet of them. E-commerce is a new gig for me, and I'm lucky to have Webmaster Mike on my side. Without him, these first 10 days of Google would have drained the company. I won't get too much into [...]

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Talking Turkey

Thanks to Google being a bunch of cockblocking assholes, sales haven't been as brisk as I had imagined they would have been. But sales have been consistent, and the feedback has been strictly positive. And despite our inability to advertise to the mass public, today the company received its first ever hate mail. It appears to be directed towards me as Sole Member rather than the company for which I am its sole member, so Frank shouldn't worry about it. Google's AI appears smarter than the Google ad department, although the correct answer is D: No, but I am Jewish. But Google should know as Google continues to be the smartest. They run the whole wide Internet and have declared the election to not being over. Like the Japanese warriors on Gilligan's Island, this election isn't over until Google says it is. American law and the Gregorian calendar may have declared the election officially over on November 3 at 7 p.m. local time, unless there are some extenuating circumstances be damned. It can't be said enough. This company and its [...]

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Reddit, Home of the Raging Hormonal Foaming at the Mouth Anti-Semite, Says Google Has a Point

What do I know about Reddit? Arguably, not much. I've used it to watch streams of ballgames that were otherwise blacked out in my broadcast region. I also know that they hid behind 1st Amendment rights when allowing folks to post pro-Nazi hysteria. They got filthy rich doing that for a decade. Reddit says that my cards are too political for them to allow me to advertise, too. Then in the next paragraph, they wrote that if I had $50k to spend, they'd overlook the political aspect of my cards. What a flexible batch of libertarians. I did everything I could to not tell Reddit to fuck off and eat a plate of dicks, even though that's right up their alley. Instead, I decided to reason with them. I wrote, "Just because 52 Republican senators circled their Leader and didn't allow the Constitution to protect our country from an unhinged Commander in Chief doesn't mean that I'm the one using politics. I am registering history. It's historical that the Republican Party did what it did on February 5, 2020." Of [...]

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The Most Dangerous Cards in America

These are the ads Google won't post, because these ads will blow your minds and make you riot in the streets. First, the current ad campaign on Mother Jones: That, along with the following image ads, have been rejected by the Googs: (Notice the back of the cards, because politics and stuff.) We've got some purple, not for politics but for funk, and only bananas: This capitulation to scared and shitty, whiny Republicans makes one long for Lougle, quite frankly.  

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Googles Has Gone Ga-Ga

It's been 10 days since Google first rejected the B.R. Cards ad campaign, and they're still at it. Up and at it early this morning, I read their latest rejection letter, which was exactly like their first. My ad had been disapproved for Election Advertising in the United States. They want a certificate which states Banana Republicards, LLC paid for this ad advertising the cards made by Banana Republicards, LLC, or some kind of shit like that. I spent 3 awful months being one of the few Jews working at Facebook, so I know what kind of ignorance sits in a bubble of a billion dollar information technology company. The email I received was more like a form and came from a no-reply address. I'm pretty certain the individual behind the decision for that particular message was hired by a contracting firm who trained that person to follow a decision tree, and to do so as quickly as possible. When I was at Facebook, that meant I was told to cut my 45-second decision time to 30-seconds. And then they [...]

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Google Ads Hates Us

To go along with our Mother Jones mobile device ad, we've been trying to get a Google Ads account up and running so that folks who visit left-wing blog sites can stumble across our wares. Unfortunately for us, B.R. Cards appears to have scared the trillion dollar Alphabet Corp. According to Webmaster Mike, the only time he has had this much difficulty was when working on a CBD site. Google Ads is concerned about the current B.R. Cards ad campaign in three (3) ways:1. Politicization. Google doesn't allow political ads unless there is a disclaimer on the bottom indicating where the money for the ad came from. Which seems silly because we are selling playing cards, and the money for the ad comes from the company (mine) selling the cards; i.e. the name of the money behind the ad is in the actual ad.2. Online Gambling. The Googlers seem to think our ad might go so far as encourage some of you folks to gamble your lives away. As opposed to the politicians we are mocking who have pretty much [...]

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