There has been a lot of new traffic on the site recently, which means many new potential customers, and a few new readers. So it should be noted that Google has now allowed us to run our ads on the platform. Just as the trillion dollar global corporation arbitrarily decided on Oct 25 that the U.S. election was a sensitive event that demanded the silence of political functions in ad space (even if those political functions are actually small businesses producing playing cards commemorating the historical reality which was the Republicans in the Senate circling their wagons to protect Dear Leader from abuse of power charges in regards to blackmailing Ukraine for manufactured information regarding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter), so they decided that on Dec 10, their responsibility of keeping an online nation chill can be called off. Which is very sweet of them.

E-commerce is a new gig for me, and I’m lucky to have Webmaster Mike on my side. Without him, these first 10 days of Google would have drained the company. I won’t get too much into the nitty gritties, but Google’s masterful AI, touted as a helper for small business, went into overdrive and decided to double my daily spend due to heavy website traffic. To Google, a daily spend equates 1/30th of a monthly spend, and because I was off the website for the first 10 days of the month, and was now attracting a lot of visitors through Google’s pay per click system, the AI felt my ROI could only increase with the amount of visitors. But like it does in outer space, AI fails to acknowledge the human aspect of our kind and the notion of just looking.

Currently the state of the company is that of consumed plankton in the smaller fish being eaten by the big fish, but we hope to improve. Come 2021, we’ll all be better off.