Recently, I made the executive decision to rejoin Facebook on a personal basis so that I could promote my new company as a professional. The reason for this should be obvious. And those who have read the previous iteration of my blog, the reason why I chose to leave Facebook was pretty gosh darn obvious, too. Fuck those guys, is how I’d like to put it.

I originally wanted to create a Facebook page for B.R. Cards for no other reason than to showcase photographs and post a link to our site. The only way I could do this, however, was to log in as myself and then create a business page that would be linked to my personal page. And though all of that made perfect sense, I held back because I just didn’t want to do it. Being an active part of Facebook meant being further proof of their self-proclaimed reach of over 2.1 billion unique users. I don’t want to sound like a tin foiled Trumper here, but there is no way that company has that many users. I believe that 750 million use the system. That is still a lot of people, but obviously it’s not enough to entice Wall Street and create that absurd valuation ole Zucky and the crew live off. I spent three miserable months of my life working as a contractor for them in a failed effort to save the home I owned but didn’t want to sell because finding work in 21st Century America is such a fucking joke. The sheer fact that a scammer can create multiple accounts quicker than Facebook got rid of them should put any of their self-proclaimed numbers to bed.

Which brings me to Twitter. I try to be professional. The purpose is to promote the cards while forming the brand. Basically, I cruise the Twit machine for something stupid one of the 52 Republican senators did and drop in a snarky comment with their card. Pretty simple stuff with a boatload of opportunities. It hasn’t necessarily led to sales, but I have acquired set of followers who may or may not be customers who seem to appreciate the drawings and wit.

But I do sometimes go astray, and so to apologize in advance, these are factors that Sole Member takes seriously. And, for the record, you don’t have to agree with me in order to appreciate these cards. These shouldn’t be issues because none of the following has anything to do with the 52 Republican senators who circled their wagons around Dear Leader to protect him, the most corrupt President in our nation’s history, from Constitutional justice:

  • Dodgers rock, Giants suck, and let’s go Gauchos.
  • Pie > Cake. Also, a cheesecake is a cheese pie, and that is why they are so good.
  • I actually don’t like Metallica’s first 3 albums, either.
  • Factoid: Jerusalem is home to both Judaism’s holiest site — the 3000 year old Temple Mount — and the 3rd holiest site in Islam — the 700 year old Dome of the Rock mosque — the latter of which was built on top of the ruins of the former.

As sole member of Banana Republicards, LLC, I want the public to understand that these impassioned beliefs, plus one factoid, are not meant to harm anybody. Sole Member feels that under this tent, all are free to Go Fish.