However, we must first acknowledge the elephant in the room which that this photograph isn’t the sharpest looking photo on the blog. That’s because it was just shot by me via my phone on this day, the first Sunday of the year, in the midst of a historical meltdown by the Republican Party. All the other photos here were professionally shot, with a real camera and a concern for lighting. This is not that type of photo.

The perceptive viewer might also notice these cards have been put through a few Solitaire smoke sessions with their various nicks and smears of residue. But if anything, this should prove to the durability of our 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards. They take a licking, and keep on ticking.

And, boy, are they still meaningful! Yes, it’s 2021, and now each deck of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards comes with eight (8!!) seditious shitbags. Two shandas in one pack! Talk about a deal.