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U.S.P.S. I Love You

I haven't been doing too much blogging lately, but before I hop back in the saddle of whimsical small business thinkings and stuff, I wanted to point out that the Post Office served B.R. Cards well this holiday season. Aside from an occasional shipment that got lost for a week in a system that involves humdreds of millions of parcels a day, I was able to successfully deliver within the continental U.S. as well as the shipments to Hawaii and Alaska. Obviously, Sole Member is only one guy with limited experience, but so far in the nearly 16 months of online retailing, only one package had failed to reach its final destination. Without diving into much research, at least 8 out of 10 are reaching the customer on time, and I follow this stuff. Maniacally. Following the process from afar of the one overnight delivery requested this holiday season caused me palpitations. In 2021, the US Postal Service handled 128.86 billion units of mail. That number is astounding and only 44% of the $306.4 billion that Elon Musk is supposedly [...]

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It’s the Holiday Season

Welcome to the jingle. It's a bit early, but thanks to the lunar calendar and the media cycle, add in a dose of Covid, and all sense of time has been scattered like buckshot. This is what makes the subject good enough sense for a blog piece. And since nothing has been added to the company blog since Donald Rumsfeld died, why not keep up with the good times? Happy almost end of the year, All! Though it's pretty brutal out there, it's important to stay focused on the big issues. Joe Biden did not make the gas prices go up. A combination of supply and demand as well as the push to a healthier environment pushed the market. Oh, and tension between Israel and Iran inflating futures pricing of crude oil about three months ago. White fright has always been profitable. But enough of the Middle East. I'd like to focus here on a Sole Member sales pitch. I've got some very politically hip friends, and even a couple of them have asked, "Aren't the 2020 Senate Impeachement Trial [...]

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Of Knowns and Unknowns

With the death of Donald Rumsfeld, it's a good time to point out that my current lot in life as Sole Member for Banana Republicards, LLC, began as a fermented seed with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On the very first day, when it was already obvious that we had entered a clusterfuck ontop of the quagmire we had fighting since 2001 in Afghanistan, the story broke that our soldiers were given full decks of cards containing the names and photos of our enemies subdivided by suit and further ranked in number. There was just so much wrong with our country's behavior during the George W years. Most especially was our lack of respect for any other person's land and what importance it may hold to the global community. Rebels went on to destroy a museum of Mesopotamian artifacts in a coordinated attack to loot and destroy intellectualism (also on the first day of the war, for fuck sake) and we basically had let it happen. But the cards developed under Rummy's watch really took the cake for American arrogance. [...]

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A Word About Shipping

At Banana Republicards, LLC, the concern is always about America first. This country of ours needs a lot of attention, and we will only fail if we don't address the real issues at hand. Sometimes, the actions seem futile. Back when I was in elementary school, my mother made sure my sister and I participated in newspaper and magazine drives, where we collected all the old newspapers and magazines in our house, and from our neighbors' houses, and from our grandparents' house; and we made piles and tied those piles with twine. Then we schlepped about 10 miles to our Jewish day school where other likeminded parents and kids brought all their piles of paper. Now centralized, a diesel spewing recycling truck would take everyone's stuff to a recycling center, ideally. That's how we did it in the '70s. It sure didn't solve our problems of then or even of today, but the action of doing something good for the planet instilled responsibility and a desire to do so. Not trying to get real weepy here, but it's the final [...]

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When Shit Talking Goes South

I have a personal history of talking tough behind a keyboard. I have posted things online that I wouldn't have put quite as verbose or profane if said in person. One excuse is my poor decision to utilize the sarcastic perspective I was born with that unsuspecting innocents don't happen to see. This personality trait of mine was developed long before I became Sole Member and began hocking cards to the left-wing circles all over the Internet. (Well...) In my youth and other younger days, I went so far as yell such invective opinion out in the open. Whether at a ball game or on the school yard, I had a big enough mouth and a very loud voice. And when I did happened to do it in the kitchen, my family treated reacted as if I suffered from Turret's syndrome, which was nice of them. But this blog piece isn't about me. Buy my cards! This blog piece is about Ted Cruz. I made him a 3 because the GOP has so many 2s! As a Texan who has [...]

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Witness This, Witness That

The second impeachment of Donald J Trump is quite the show. The defense attorneys have their heads up their asses, and once again, the GOP has decided to ignore all the important facts of the case because of so-called procedure. The sticking point seems for rank-and-file GOP is the manufactured nonsense that the impeachment of Donald Trump can only happen when he's in office. So if he commits crimes while in office, and the GOP pushes the trial back until he's out of office, by way of procedure, then they can declare the trial as unconstitutional. And even though the Democrats can spend three hours explaining how it is actually in the Constitution to save our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, which includes presidents who incited a mob with the hope of killing their vice presidents for not disenfranchising over 81 million Americans by declaring the official result of the nation's elections as null and void, it simply won't matter. Today's Republican Party happens to be full of that much wretched shit. Quite frankly, witnesses would be great. [...]

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Can’t Tell the Players Without a Scorecard

If it wasn't for the psycho whackjobs who make up the Boogaloo Bois, the title of this piece would have been simply Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo. I've been making those types of jokes for years. God bless Golan and Globus. I can still hear my mother screaming at my dad for taking me to one of their movies when I was 10. (They had been divorced for six years by then, so I was used to these things.) "What did you think The Last American Virgin was going to be about?" Those were the days. These days in the 2020s, when the calendar hits early-February, it seemingly time to have an impeachment trial of Donald J Trump again. Although, let's make it our last one this lifetime. It's not hard to imagine what might have happened if the Republicans had taken their jobs seriously last year at this time. For one thing, you wouldn't be reading the words of Sole Member because these cards wouldn't have a reason to exist. But then these Republicans haven't been taking their jobs seriously [...]

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Let’s Get Political

However, we must first acknowledge the elephant in the room which that this photograph isn't the sharpest looking photo on the blog. That's because it was just shot by me via my phone on this day, the first Sunday of the year, in the midst of a historical meltdown by the Republican Party. All the other photos here were professionally shot, with a real camera and a concern for lighting. This is not that type of photo. The perceptive viewer might also notice these cards have been put through a few Solitaire smoke sessions with their various nicks and smears of residue. But if anything, this should prove to the durability of our 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards. They take a licking, and keep on ticking. And, boy, are they still meaningful! Yes, it's 2021, and now each deck of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards comes with eight (8!!) seditious shitbags. Two shandas in one pack! Talk about a deal.  

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