Yesterday, before the government of the United States had to go into lockdown due to a rampaging goon squad of Infowarriors, QBalls, and American Nazis, I realized I hadn’t finished the previous blog post whose title promised that I was going to get political. That title, of course, was meant to get images of leg warmers on your mind (thereby being a great title), as well as introduce the concept of the company blog becoming some kind of edgy mouthpiece of serious discussion. Then, in perfect stoned Sole Member fashion, I went on to not discuss any politics at all. More so, I didn’t even construct an ending. I posted and published and was done with it.

Listen, nothing here is edited beyond the scope of my interest. I will add a link to something or other for no real reason, but I will not necessarily go back and fix the punctuation. These are blog pieces. They are meant to maybe entice you to come back to the website for more (if you want to call it that). And. as Sole Member, I can’t imagine that what would bring a blog reader back is perfect grammar.

Yesterday’s insurrection is a stain in our nation’s history, and I am thankful, for his sake, that Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t around to see it. He would have shot a lot more than his TV.

There is something to be said about American know-how. Our nation has spent 250 years surprising the world, for good and bad. And we have a responsibility to our future to make life better for all. We need to build our national moral character back up again, and I think we will. There is too much goodness in the average American for that not to happen. We just have to step up right now and improve what we can together.