If it wasn’t for the psycho whackjobs who make up the Boogaloo Bois, the title of this piece would have been simply Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo. I’ve been making those types of jokes for years. God bless Golan and Globus. I can still hear my mother screaming at my dad for taking me to one of their movies when I was 10. (They had been divorced for six years by then, so I was used to these things.) “What did you think The Last American Virgin was going to be about?”

Those were the days.

These days in the 2020s, when the calendar hits early-February, it seemingly time to have an impeachment trial of Donald J Trump again. Although, let’s make it our last one this lifetime. It’s not hard to imagine what might have happened if the Republicans had taken their jobs seriously last year at this time. For one thing, you wouldn’t be reading the words of Sole Member because these cards wouldn’t have a reason to exist. But then these Republicans haven’t been taking their jobs seriously for years, leaving me the opportunity to pounce. And yet that’s the biggest part of our national problem. One political party is so inept at government, that dissenters and skeptics could create their own industry. It’s easy in regards to today’s GOP. They love politics. They like to dress well, and they’ll speak fluent gibberish to the cameras if given the chance. They care about this country so long as their own personal investments are flourishing.

We really came close to losing our republic on January 6. If insurrectionists had actually achieved their noted goal of assassination or a kidnapping, if there was more bloodshed inside and outside the Capitol, that would have been like a fallout like if a nuclear explosion destroyed North Carolina in 1961 or if a dam had burst in the LA Valley in 1971. How much different would life be now if those incidents turned into catastrophes they very well could have been?

But this should be a happy blog. These cards are fun. Whee!