The second impeachment of Donald J Trump is quite the show. The defense attorneys have their heads up their asses, and once again, the GOP has decided to ignore all the important facts of the case because of so-called procedure. The sticking point seems for rank-and-file GOP is the manufactured nonsense that the impeachment of Donald Trump can only happen when he’s in office. So if he commits crimes while in office, and the GOP pushes the trial back until he’s out of office, by way of procedure, then they can declare the trial as unconstitutional. And even though the Democrats can spend three hours explaining how it is actually in the Constitution to save our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, which includes presidents who incited a mob with the hope of killing their vice presidents for not disenfranchising over 81 million Americans by declaring the official result of the nation’s elections as null and void, it simply won’t matter. Today’s Republican Party happens to be full of that much wretched shit.

Quite frankly, witnesses would be great. Let this thing drag on like the Republicans handled Benghazi. Let’s have all those witnesses the Queen of Spades declared there to be. Let’s really put the nation through a wringer. I’ve got nothing to do all day.

But the GOP is not interested in logic. The GOP is not interested in justice. The GOP is barely interested in America. Which is why it doesn’t matter. Conviction by 2/3s of the Senate does not make or break our country. What matters is that our country has a huge chunk of straight up batshit crazy dingleberries. QAnon is based on anti-Semitic trash devised in the late 19th century by Russian Czars, and yet in 2020 it grabbed hold of our nation’s dick and shoved it through a meat grinder (This visual brought to you by the passing of Larry Flynt.) and the folks who eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner happen to vote.

I responded today to a Twit post which declared the Democrats as ultimate losers for its leadership giving in on the idea of having witnesses. The poster claimed the Democrats will be obliterated in the elections 2 years from now because of this decision, and of course, that they will have earned it. That sounded pretty harsh, so I wrote back. “If I like 60% of what a politician chooses to do, then I’m pretty fucking thrilled.”

I know I’m just a guy who sells cards online with a pretty cool nickname, but let me ask. Is it worth getting rid of all representation for the ones we have not always doing what we want all the time? Part of improving our country is to improve ourselves. And part of the reason why our country is in this mess is because we can not focus on what might be best for us as a whole.