The Trump turkeys and ham have had their gooses cooked, folks, and that’s reason to celebrate. Sure, an evil man still walks among us, but his superpower has always been money, and he’s never really been all that rich. Now our courts are exposing the big beast with a previously asserted fungus penis as a truly neutered man. Ivanka has turned on him, and Melania’s not even around. Beyond the cult, who is going to fall for his shtick? The folks making friends by shutting down bridges because they want the Israelis to stop their siege on Hamas on the other side of the planet less than two months after Oct 7? Come on.

This deck is not about Joe Biden, so I am not going there. However, I have learned to accept that agreeing with 40% of a presidential agenda really ain’t that shabby considering how terrible Republican leadership has been in my lifetime. They spend all the money, and cut all the taxes, and then leave the American people with a raided infrastructure and all the bills to pay. I’ve got my own personal issues, like everyone else. Trump and the rabid right wing aspect of the GOP are as toxic as Hamas, and neither believe women have the right to choose.

Recently, I received some grief about the website. I agree, it’s a bit clunky and outdated, but Sole Member is more than a cool online nickname. It is also the title I use on my resume as this is a sole member enterprise. Maybe I would have been further along than a WordPress blog commercial website had Google itself not seemingly gone out of its gigantasauruss way to actually stunt my company’s growth by declaring the 2020 election cycle (and more) as Sensitive Events, thereby forbidding B.R. Cards from advertising on the smaller news and larger blog sites I targetted. Thankfully, we are now a whole 1000 days later. With YouTube raking in the big ad bucks in part by posting war vids with running commentary of the current Israel-Hamas war (a rather sensitive event, if I may say so), this deck of cards can no longer fall under the tent of opportunistic political drama glorification, or whatever.

Packs of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards have been redesignated as safe for society. And I can tell you, from personal experience, they are a lot of fun. Of course, I’m biased. It’s the American way! So pop some champagne, and let’s boogie!