As evidenced by how the B.R. Cards marketing campaign has seemingly busted out all over various left-wing inspired news sites, the Sensitive Event ban enforced by Google Ads has apparently been lifted. According to the Alphabet Corporation, ads for packs of 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards no longer infuse flames of rhetoric and potentially dangerous behavior. So not only is the Big Guy allowing Sole Member to participate in the free market again, but you potential customers are no longer susceptible to committing batcrap crazy conduct.

Fuck yeah, everybody!

This company has been through a number of Sensitive Event bans, so take it from me. This may be only a window in time. You still could go batcrap crazy, but it’s not this summer of 110 degree weather coupled with West Coast hurricanes. As of right now, you are are typically sane and fully capable of clicking on a B.R. Cards image ad without blowing up a neighbor’s home. And as the potential sparkplug for such heinous behavior, I’d like to point out how happy I am we can all go about our lives as if nothing is happening out there.

The best part about this news is that the grip Donald Trump has had over our nation may be over, and it’s not necessarily me saying that.