Quite frankly, it never should have come to this. Robert Mueller had his chance to save this country, and he failed. It was not his place to break precedence, he said, even though the subject of the investigation, the President of the United States, was constantly breaking all the precedents. Ultimately, he warned, it is up to Congress to enact; and enact upon it the Dem controlled House did. But the Republicans in the Senate couldn’t have cared less. They repeated so many worries: on one hand, transparency; on the other, precedence. How dare the House not conduct a thorough investigation even though the White House refused to comply with any and all requests for documents. How dare the House subpoena White House staff who all possess privilege information because all their information comes from the Big Kahuna himself, Dearest Leader.

Hence our cards.

Joe Biden was never my top choice. I guess I agree with 30% of his agenda, but that is monumental compared to the current president. I also like Kamala Harris as a representative of my generation. I probably agree with 60% of what she brings to the table. That’s comparatively freaking huge.

To be a successful country, diversity needs to flourish, in both our population and political paths. Compared to negative territory, 30% is infinitely better. And though I have rallied around Biden, I still care deeply about the other 70% of my perspective enough to fight for it online, if I must. And I hope, at a later date, to see society as a whole come around to where I’m at, or even vice-versa if need be. None of us are perfect. We’re all fallible, especially our politicians.

I have not been a religious man for a long time, but I lately I’ve been repeating this mantra. Come Nov 3, the political ads will end, and the next 10 weeks will be pure absolute garbage. But that will end soon enough, and hopefully, come January 20, we’ll all get to embark on a fresh and new political era. The end is almost here.