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Call Me Crazy

I find myself still insisting that these cards aren't factors of politics. They may be based on the actions of politicians in recent American history, but that doesn't make the product itself a political tool. I am but a tax paying citizen of a country who wants fair elections and leaders who aren't total pricks, [...]

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Work Ethics

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about Americans not wanting to go back to work, the crux being that unemployment benefits are too good for jobs to compete. Which is obnoxious because it avoids the entire axiom of the free marketplace. If unemployment insurance pays better than the job at hand, then pay [...]

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What a Wednesday

Wednesday morning was a bad moment for both me and Banana Republicards, LLC. Like most people who would visit this website and read my words, I thought Tuesday night really sucked ass. I wanted a full repudiation of this Creature of the GOP Muck presidency just like I wanted the Senate to flip Blue. Instead, [...]

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Quite frankly, it never should have come to this. Robert Mueller had his chance to save this country, and he failed. It was not his place to break precedence, he said, even though the subject of the investigation, the President of the United States, was constantly breaking all the precedents. Ultimately, he warned, it is [...]

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These Thoughts Are Here For a Reason

I am pretty certain that Webmaster Mike is not too down on my previous post, but that's why it's tucked back here on the company blog, where I, Sole Member, speak only for myself. Frank is definitely not down with the potential of MAGA men seeking comeuppance for Dear Leader, so everybody leave him out [...]

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