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Call Me Crazy

I find myself still insisting that these cards aren't factors of politics. They may be based on the actions of politicians in recent American history, but that doesn't make the product itself a political tool. I am but a tax paying citizen of a country who wants fair elections and leaders who aren't total pricks, and what I hope to accomplish with these cards is an educated public. Just how fucking stupid were these folks who voted to acquit Donald Trump? Our cards cover that. That's not politics. That's common sense. Politics is the governor of Texas blaming a representative from New York for support of the Green New Deal in response to a statewide blackout during a winter storm that killed over 250 folks in their homes. On the other hand, these are the cards I played by candlelight huddling under blankets with my dog for over 20 hours wondering if I was going to make it till morning. And entertained I was. It was the Republican Party who circled the jerk and refused to allow the Constitution to [...]

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Work Ethics

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about Americans not wanting to go back to work, the crux being that unemployment benefits are too good for jobs to compete. Which is obnoxious because it avoids the entire axiom of the free marketplace. If unemployment insurance pays better than the job at hand, then pay a better wage. But Republicans would rather discuss how lazy Americans are, because that's what you do at the end of the day when you actually hate Americans. One reason B.R. Cards exists is for the sad fact that crazy, lazy Sole Member can't find a conventional job. In 1999, when I first broke out on my own, I had been out of college for 7 years and had been consistently in the workforce for over a decade. Like many young people, I spent a lot of time in the food service industry. But there comes a time when you don't want to do that anymore, and like I tell my father every time we have one of these discussions about my frustrations over not [...]

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What a Wednesday

Wednesday morning was a bad moment for both me and Banana Republicards, LLC. Like most people who would visit this website and read my words, I thought Tuesday night really sucked ass. I wanted a full repudiation of this Creature of the GOP Muck presidency just like I wanted the Senate to flip Blue. Instead, we all got a night awfully similar to the night of the last presidential election. The following morning after the election in 2016 found me at a county office early in the morning, in part because I couldn't sleep, and also to beat the rush. My passport had expired. This year, I woke up around 4am and was greeted by 14 ad rejections from the Googles. And I thought, is the experiment over? Did all we get was 240 years? Yeah, I get emotional. Some of my online writings are real hoots. At least it's Thursday now. I'm not feeling as hopeless, even though Reddit, too, has decided Banana Republicards, LLC is some kind of political entity. (To be honest, if I could be King [...]

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Quite frankly, it never should have come to this. Robert Mueller had his chance to save this country, and he failed. It was not his place to break precedence, he said, even though the subject of the investigation, the President of the United States, was constantly breaking all the precedents. Ultimately, he warned, it is up to Congress to enact; and enact upon it the Dem controlled House did. But the Republicans in the Senate couldn't have cared less. They repeated so many worries: on one hand, transparency; on the other, precedence. How dare the House not conduct a thorough investigation even though the White House refused to comply with any and all requests for documents. How dare the House subpoena White House staff who all possess privilege information because all their information comes from the Big Kahuna himself, Dearest Leader. Hence our cards. Joe Biden was never my top choice. I guess I agree with 30% of his agenda, but that is monumental compared to the current president. I also like Kamala Harris as a representative of my generation. [...]

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These Thoughts Are Here For a Reason

I am pretty certain that Webmaster Mike is not too down on my previous post, but that's why it's tucked back here on the company blog, where I, Sole Member, speak only for myself. Frank is definitely not down with the potential of MAGA men seeking comeuppance for Dear Leader, so everybody leave him out of it. And Danielle is too sweet and innocent. She is also conniving and can cut ya, Proud Boy. She was my supervisor at the head shop for almost 100 days. I know of what I speak. Webmaster Mike is as even-keeled as they get. It is one reason why he's loved and cherished by so many. As of this morning, he was still talking to Google; and I'm totally sure they know how to find their way back here to the company blog where they might read my angry thoughts about them, but if they won't let us advertise, then I get to say what I want back here. And that happens to be, Fuck 'em! I know my money isn't special to a [...]

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Time Is About to Change

Our nation's clocks fall back an hour this coming Sunday. As an early riser, that means I now spend up to two hours of pitch black when I wake up in the morning. This works for me as a daily metaphor of where we are as a country. Two days ago, I woke up to the news of Amy Coney Barrett's sworn in as the newest judge on the U.S. Supreme Court. Another Catholic, and this one has only three years of actual bench experience. If only finding work was this easy for a Jewish pothead such as myself. In fact, not finding a job is the sole reason why I began Banana Republicards, LLC. No one was going to pay me to work for them, so I might as well work for myself and hope it pays off. The numbers say it's possible. I want to sell 25,000 packs of Gold Back cards, which amounts to .8% of the 3 million more people who voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and a mere .03% of Hillary's actual vote [...]

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