It’s been 10 days since Google first rejected the B.R. Cards ad campaign, and they’re still at it. Up and at it early this morning, I read their latest rejection letter, which was exactly like their first. My ad had been disapproved for Election Advertising in the United States. They want a certificate which states Banana Republicards, LLC paid for this ad advertising the cards made by Banana Republicards, LLC, or some kind of shit like that.

I spent 3 awful months being one of the few Jews working at Facebook, so I know what kind of ignorance sits in a bubble of a billion dollar information technology company. The email I received was more like a form and came from a no-reply address. I’m pretty certain the individual behind the decision for that particular message was hired by a contracting firm who trained that person to follow a decision tree, and to do so as quickly as possible. When I was at Facebook, that meant I was told to cut my 45-second decision time to 30-seconds. And then they fired me.

It’s hard to imagine a stupider, more dense environment than my experience with Facebook, and yet I’m pretty certain it’s happening right now over at the Googles.

My sole business is to sell these cards. And what these cards do is commemorate the 52 Republican senators who ignored their duties as public servants sworn to uphold the laws and rules of our Constitution in order to circle the wagons around their President who just happened to have been caught trying to blackmail a sovereign ally in order to help his future presidential campaign. These cards aren’t political so much as they are a reflection of our daily politics. The cards are dissent.

But  Google knows better.

We have filed appeals and Webmaster Mike has wasted his time waiting on the phone for them. None of it speaks any common sense to them. But, then, they are technocrats. Capitalists with simple minds and a vast amount of control. They are the ones who constantly strive for society to maintain a middle ground, because how else would they like to collect their money but by general acceptance. It’s clear to me Alphabet needs to be broken up, but how sad that a trillion dollar global corporation simply wilt under the whims of the whiniest, most pathetic Republican Party we’ve ever seen.

But they’re not selling cards out of a spare room, so why would they care?