What do I know about Reddit? Arguably, not much. I’ve used it to watch streams of ballgames that were otherwise blacked out in my broadcast region. I also know that they hid behind 1st Amendment rights when allowing folks to post pro-Nazi hysteria. They got filthy rich doing that for a decade.

Reddit says that my cards are too political for them to allow me to advertise, too. Then in the next paragraph, they wrote that if I had $50k to spend, they’d overlook the political aspect of my cards. What a flexible batch of libertarians.

I did everything I could to not tell Reddit to fuck off and eat a plate of dicks, even though that’s right up their alley. Instead, I decided to reason with them. I wrote, “Just because 52 Republican senators circled their Leader and didn’t allow the Constitution to protect our country from an unhinged Commander in Chief doesn’t mean that I’m the one using politics. I am registering history. It’s historical that the Republican Party did what it did on February 5, 2020.”

Of course that’s not going to work. These people are unadulterated capitalists and I have only a $500 spend. Who am I kidding?

This is the understanding that makes Antifa a political movement and not a bunch of people who are angry at the fascists. Who needs a national leader or organizational manifesto? We’re talking state of mind. When a thought makes other people uncomfortable then it must be politics. Case in point is abortion which must be as political as anti-abortion. Except that abortion is a medical procedure with a purpose much like I sell cards.

If the smartest guys in the room are telling us all of this, then it must be true. These are the most dangerous cards in America. Be careful out there.