Wednesday morning was a bad moment for both me and Banana Republicards, LLC. Like most people who would visit this website and read my words, I thought Tuesday night really sucked ass. I wanted a full repudiation of this Creature of the GOP Muck presidency just like I wanted the Senate to flip Blue. Instead, we all got a night awfully similar to the night of the last presidential election. The following morning after the election in 2016 found me at a county office early in the morning, in part because I couldn’t sleep, and also to beat the rush. My passport had expired. This year, I woke up around 4am and was greeted by 14 ad rejections from the Googles.

And I thought, is the experiment over? Did all we get was 240 years?

Yeah, I get emotional. Some of my online writings are real hoots.

At least it’s Thursday now. I’m not feeling as hopeless, even though Reddit, too, has decided Banana Republicards, LLC is some kind of political entity. (To be honest, if I could be King Mayor for a year, I’d order all the stoplights in Austin to work logically.) The slow steady pace of pro-Biden returns has placed Michigan and Wisconsin in Biden’s corner and has placed both Georgia and Pennsylvania in prime position to fall in line. And the Senate race may be headed into a double overtime, with two potential pick-ups in Georgia runoffs come January.

More so — and I say this as a man who voted for Nader in 2000 and still defend all those who did because of the butterfly ballots in West Palm Beach, people — I’m starting to think that old man Joe may be the right man for this job. He is definitely a bit right wing for my taste, but he at least recognizes the peril our country is in, and is willing to address it head-on. He may very well piss me off up to 70% of the time, but at the moment, he’s got a rigid voice and a steady vision. Our country is in such a bad shape right now that if old man Joe can right this ship, then I say let him.

It’s going to take decades to get our country back to where we need it to be. We really need to begin to get there now.