It ought to be repeated that the thoughts here on the back page of the website consist of completely of my own beliefs and are not to be considered that of the company. The company just wants to sell cards. Meanwhile, I, Sole Member, may get bored while in between packing packages. If anything, these thoughts are to elicit the reader to possibly bookmark this site so as to come back for more wit when they happen to find themselves bored. That is my personal goal.

After much thought and commiseration, I still fail to see the politics of my site, certainly not enough to ban my presence from the Google Ads platform. What I see here is history and context, and passion coupled with disappointment, but I don’t see politics. I see the end result of a government that has taken advantage of its role for itself more so than for others. And yet the fact remains that nine months ago, 52 Republicans circled their wagons around Dear Leader to protect him from fair prosecution by the laws set in our nation’s Constitution. As tax paying citizens, we all should have an opinion about that.

You can play Go Fish with these cards.

Maybe I’m naive. I don’t consider this back page to be necessarily political, either. It’s opinionated and and mildly provocative, but that’s just a style. This company was built to be aware of our government, with fun cards developed to help like-minded folks remain aware and determined to never forget the actions of the Republican Party during the Trump era.

I have no plans to run for office. I was voted the foreman the one time I was on a jury, and that was a huge mistake.