Thanks to Google being a bunch of cockblocking assholes, sales haven’t been as brisk as I had imagined they would have been. But sales have been consistent, and the feedback has been strictly positive. And despite our inability to advertise to the mass public, today the company received its first ever hate mail. It appears to be directed towards me as Sole Member rather than the company for which I am its sole member, so Frank shouldn’t worry about it.

Google’s AI appears smarter than the Google ad department, although the correct answer is D: No, but I am Jewish. But Google should know as Google continues to be the smartest. They run the whole wide Internet and have declared the election to not being over. Like the Japanese warriors on Gilligan’s Island, this election isn’t over until Google says it is. American law and the Gregorian calendar may have declared the election officially over on November 3 at 7 p.m. local time, unless there are some extenuating circumstances be damned.

It can’t be said enough. This company and its product is not a front for demoralizing political enemies. The drawings here are tasteful, the data verifiable, and the quotes all supported by the list of references on the front page of this very website.  This is the reality in which we all live, and these cards are a part of that reality. And the reality is, if Duke wants to pony up the money, I’m more than happy to send his shipment.

All are welcome to play Go Fish with these cards.

Come on now, Googles.