The B.R. Cards’ Twitter account is currently deactivated. It seems that I, Sole Member and lone online marketeer, had upset the machine that runs the Twit machine one too many times. The first time I upset the machine was when I told Lauren Boebert to serve herself a plate of her own bullets in response to her public encouragement to my governor to remove the statewide mask ordinance. My comment was a reference to the strapped waitress policy she enforced at Shooters Grill, the gun toting, diarrhea inducing, greasy spoon in Rifle, CO she owns. This was my governor she was speaking to, and though I shouldn’t get personal and emotional with the company Twit account, I still won’t get myself a second account for my own personal, emotional benefit. So I told her, the walking and talking, Q-preaching, right wing gun culture jerkoff material, what she could do with herself. (BTW, it’s a decision that has gone over real well, especially if you’d like a stabbing with a side of fries.)

This governor of mine is the same ineffectual shitstain who, as Attorney General, in response to a fertilizer explosion at a warehouse which took the lives of 15 volunteer firefighters in West, TX, said that the citizens of this state have the right to knock on the door of any warehouse that is near a school, an old age home, or a hospital, and ask what it is they are storing inside. It also shouldn’t be surprising that the owner of the warehouse that exploded and killed 15 volunteer firefighters was Koch Industries; and Guv Greg Abbott has always been a grade-A Koch sucker.

The Twit Machine took my comment to Boebert very seriously. It sent me an automated generated email suggesting that I not kill myself. And since I triggered the system with such an aggressive stance, it wanted to suggest that I go and check myself before I wreck myself. Which is thoughtful of a platform that hasn’t figured out how to rid itself of the anti-Semites who  pilfer it with gross revisionist exaggerations and basic Nazi rhetoric. I kid, of course. The reason is those people prop up the company market share, while @brcards1 has 27 followers (though 25 of whom are organic, with somewhat minimal play since the middle of last October, thank you very much). And then they banned me for 12 hours.

Since this is the back page, and I allow myself to get personal in the blog section, I will mention now that my mother was murdered by a man who happened to buy the gun he used specifically to shoot her in the head and then kill himself, so I’m a bit biased. Realize that when I say to folks on Twitter that if they want to buy a gun to shoot people, by all means, they should use it on themselves only. I mean it from the heart. Why send yourself to a certain death by forcing others to join you first? I am sure the head has many convincing voices, but that is all the matter to enforce gun regulations.

So anyway, less than a week after the Atlanta massage parlor shootings, which killed 8, and hours after the Boulder supermarket shooting, which killed 10, I saw that the NRA wrote some other typically nauseating Tweet tooting of toxic masculinity, and so I responded in kind.

Emotional? Sure. Effective? That depends. Within a minute, the machine behind the machine sent me the notice that the @brcards1 account was to be blocked from the system for 7 days starting the moment I removed the offending Tweet from the system. Which sounds more like shaming to me. As if I’m a four year old in need of knowing from first hand experience how egregious my behavior was being. More so, is this billion dollar global corporation partly in charge of how people communicate with one another in a changing world, incapable of removing the offending Tweet itself? Does it mean that the longer I leave it up, the more likely my 27 (25) followers may find it? Even better, might a gun hugger and lover of various NRA tweets, come across my retort and, I dunno, have an angina? Shouldn’t that be my ultimate goal?

I’m not the first one to point out that I have no idea what I’m doing on social media. And since the Twit machine never really led to any sales — and, seriously, that is the only reason why I should be on it — I’m gonna have to think about what is important.