Got another letter from Google today. To their credit, they’re only removing one of my ads currently running on the system. The reason, they say, is Click Bait, which is pretty hysterical coming from, you know, Google.

Naturally, the email Google sent came from a notification-only email address that does not accept replies. So I can’t tell them exactly what I’m going to tell this faithful readership (especially those who have been coming back for something new only to discover that this blog is the same old bland complaints).

The reason for the tagline America’s Most Dangerous Cards is because Google spent three months banning my ads from reaching the readers of small left-wing blog sites. The explicit reason Google banned my cards, after all, was because of their manufactured excuse that our country had entered a Sensitive Event phase. First, it was the run-up and five week aftermath of the Nov 2020 elections; and then it was the run-up and six weeks following Joe Biden’s inauguration. That is the origin of our tagline, Sundar, you nauseating gas bag of CEO bullshit.

Oh, and that ad happens to have 8 very vocal supporters of calling into question Biden’s victory on Jan 6, and at least two of them still support the insurrection. So, yeah, they’re dangerous to the public as much as to our Republic.

Things aren’t done randomly here at Banana Republicards, LLC. I don’t infringe on trademarks, and, for fuck sake, my ads are not click bait.

They happen to be very insightful and funny.

Fuck you very much, Google.