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The Final Social Media Update

It looks like Sole Member has finally done enough for the Twit machine to permanently suspend the @brcards1 account. Did I roll the dice one too many and suggest the NRA braintrust die in a hail of bullets? Even I might admit that may have gone too far. But, no, the latest and last @brcards1 [...]

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Update – B.R. Cards Social Media Policy

The B.R. Cards' Twitter account is currently deactivated. It seems that I, Sole Member and lone online marketeer, had upset the machine that runs the Twit machine one too many times. The first time I upset the machine was when I told Lauren Boebert to serve herself a plate of her own bullets in response [...]

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The B.R. Cards Social Media Policy

Recently, I made the executive decision to rejoin Facebook on a personal basis so that I could promote my new company as a professional. The reason for this should be obvious. And those who have read the previous iteration of my blog, the reason why I chose to leave Facebook was pretty gosh darn obvious, [...]

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