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The Final Social Media Update

It looks like Sole Member has finally done enough for the Twit machine to permanently suspend the @brcards1 account. Did I roll the dice one too many and suggest the NRA braintrust die in a hail of bullets? Even I might admit that may have gone too far. But, no, the latest and last @brcards1 Twit machine transgression was to tell my paralyzed governor, Greg Abbott, who is one of the more nauseating human beings to have ever graced this planet, to go roll his wheelchair off a cliff. It was an innocent response to him openly advocating on Twitter for the passage of Prop B, a local ordinance that would bring back a camping ban which was rescinded two years ago in light of federal courts ruling against them. See, to our governor, anything my city does is a sign of Liberals running amok in America; and since he's a mighty powerful, white, Christian soldier, confined to a wheelchair or not, he will demand that whatever my city does to stop doing it. He will even tell the Legislature [...]

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Update – B.R. Cards Social Media Policy

The B.R. Cards' Twitter account is currently deactivated. It seems that I, Sole Member and lone online marketeer, had upset the machine that runs the Twit machine one too many times. The first time I upset the machine was when I told Lauren Boebert to serve herself a plate of her own bullets in response to her public encouragement to my governor to remove the statewide mask ordinance. My comment was a reference to the strapped waitress policy she enforced at Shooters Grill, the gun toting, diarrhea inducing, greasy spoon in Rifle, CO she owns. This was my governor she was speaking to, and though I shouldn't get personal and emotional with the company Twit account, I still won't get myself a second account for my own personal, emotional benefit. So I told her, the walking and talking, Q-preaching, right wing gun culture jerkoff material, what she could do with herself. (BTW, it's a decision that has gone over real well, especially if you'd like a stabbing with a side of fries.) This governor of mine is the same ineffectual [...]

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A New Year. A New Post.

It is now 2021, and not to brag, but I was asleep by 11pm last night. And when I woke up this morning, I went for a jog. But that was only after I amused myself with a back-and-forth for more than 20 minutes on the company Twit account before 6am with somebody who was very upset about the LA Times running an Op-Ed about renaming a couple mountaintops in the LA Basin after folks who weren't racist fucks. There were quite a few people to focus on in that thread. The Proud Boy who whined about soy boys was my second choice. The first choice was a dude who bitched about Presentism. Which doesn't seem to be a word, but apparently means the LA Times, as a newspaper, isn't supposed to run Op-Eds that he disagrees with. So turning a new leaf doesn't really mean becoming a new person, at least for Sole Member. Social media is a drag, and unfortunately a necessary evil. This blog piece, for example, is social media. I am using it to make myself [...]

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The B.R. Cards Social Media Policy

Recently, I made the executive decision to rejoin Facebook on a personal basis so that I could promote my new company as a professional. The reason for this should be obvious. And those who have read the previous iteration of my blog, the reason why I chose to leave Facebook was pretty gosh darn obvious, too. Fuck those guys, is how I'd like to put it. I originally wanted to create a Facebook page for B.R. Cards for no other reason than to showcase photographs and post a link to our site. The only way I could do this, however, was to log in as myself and then create a business page that would be linked to my personal page. And though all of that made perfect sense, I held back because I just didn't want to do it. Being an active part of Facebook meant being further proof of their self-proclaimed reach of over 2.1 billion unique users. I don't want to sound like a tin foiled Trumper here, but there is no way that company has that many [...]

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