On Sat, Feb 27, Google Ads graciously allowed B.R. Cards back onto the platform so that we could advertise to our market, the good readers of relatively small left-wing blog sites. On top of allowing Sole Member to generate income again, how cool is it that we as a nation made it through the latest declared period of a Sensitive Event without any further damage? Do you believe in miracles?

God bless the U.S.A.

In pure Google fashion, there is no telling what makes the general online audience less sensitive to events today than in previous weeks. To be honest (and I’m biased), but I felt that I handled the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump pretty darn good. I didn’t scream at my television set nearly as much as I had during the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Like a lot of educated folks, I knew what was going to happen. The Republicans would deny responsibility while simultaneously declare that they have been tied up in legislative knots and/or total cahoots and justice will be delayed again.

But thank goodness Google sees that our country is not at an unofficial and manufactured Red Level Alert. It’s nice to know that folks are no longer on the verge of literally slitting somebody’s throat over an ad for 2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquittal playing cards. Now, I don’t want to appear callous, but if my ads really were capable of causing someone to lose their shit so badly that Google had to step in, then why can’t I find a marketing job that pays me my age? Corporate America and I still do not get along.

Of the 50 or so ads Webmaster Mike and I have on the system with our various taglines and different dimensions, one ad had miraculously survived the Google purge. Compared to the others, there was no reason for it to continue running as they depicted cards face up and had some flying bananas and fighting words. Despite the tech know-how and social savvy, we had maintained our own sliver of occasional online real estate to the tune of roughly $160.

Early in our forced exile from the platform, the national tech beat referred to advertisers on the platform as Google Ads Partners, which was nice of them. It places Sole Member on an even level with Sundar Pichai himself. Just me and him discussing how best to promote my cards to the masses. But the reality is, B.R. Cards is merely a pawn in the Google’s game of life. As the ban went on, and my income continued to suffer, I reached out to all those journos about if they had any idea when the sensitive event might end. Twice. Not one responded.

The fact of the matter is, my ads were pulled for six weeks, and the reason why is a steaming pile of virtual bullshit with which I can only use to grow my virtual flowers.

It’s time to break these monopolistic motherfukers into itty-bitty pieces. Google: fuck you very much.