At Banana Republicards, LLC, the concern is always about America first. This country of ours needs a lot of attention, and we will only fail if we don’t address the real issues at hand. Sometimes, the actions seem futile. Back when I was in elementary school, my mother made sure my sister and I participated in newspaper and magazine drives, where we collected all the old newspapers and magazines in our house, and from our neighbors’ houses, and from our grandparents’ house; and we made piles and tied those piles with twine. Then we schlepped about 10 miles to our Jewish day school where other likeminded parents and kids brought all their piles of paper. Now centralized, a diesel spewing recycling truck would take everyone’s stuff to a recycling center, ideally.

That’s how we did it in the ’70s. It sure didn’t solve our problems of then or even of today, but the action of doing something good for the planet instilled responsibility and a desire to do so.

Not trying to get real weepy here, but it’s the final thought that dictates this company’s strict usage of the U.S. Postal System for all shipments. Even though the shitbag in charge has been making it potentially difficult for small businesses like mine, I will stand by the postal service as it is good for America. Benjamin Franklin was the man.

I have actually enjoyed every trip to the post office, not only because I am thrilled to satisfy hopefully happy customers, but because the folks behind the counter are always polite and capable and overall good people. Shipments will be a little late, and for that I apologize. But rest assured that right now, as this supposed side gig is pretty much the only gig, I am intent on getting your packages out and into the mail always within 24 hours (unless ordered on the weekend and taking into account national holidays). I’ve got tracking numbers for all packages and am happy to share to corral the whereabouts of your cards.

As always, I thank you for your patience and understanding.