It looks like Sole Member has finally done enough for the Twit machine to permanently suspend the @brcards1 account. Did I roll the dice one too many and suggest the NRA braintrust die in a hail of bullets? Even I might admit that may have gone too far. But, no, the latest and last @brcards1 Twit machine transgression was to tell my paralyzed governor, Greg Abbott, who is one of the more nauseating human beings to have ever graced this planet, to go roll his wheelchair off a cliff. It was an innocent response to him openly advocating on Twitter for the passage of Prop B, a local ordinance that would bring back a camping ban which was rescinded two years ago in light of federal courts ruling against them. See, to our governor, anything my city does is a sign of Liberals running amok in America; and since he’s a mighty powerful, white, Christian soldier, confined to a wheelchair or not, he will demand that whatever my city does to stop doing it. He will even tell the Legislature to draft bills that give him all the power over our city’s decisions. All I did was provide a facetious suggestion to a man in a wheelchair. In the spirit of taking a long walk off a short pier, but, y’know, he can’t, because one day he decided to go jogging during a windstorm, and a tree limb fell on him.

No, my comment was not nice. It wasn’t meant to be nice. Guv Shitbags routinely invites a universe of online fascists to comment on the happenings of our city, and for that, he can go fuck himself with a 10-foot chainsaw. He’s certainly not a very serious man. Instead of addressing our state’s failed electrical grid, he blamed windmills and AOC; and in light of mass shootings nationwide and here in Texas, he is currently urging the loosening of our state’s already scant gun restrictions.

There’s no being nice to Guv Shitbags. All you can do is shut up and let him propagandize on the Twit machine fun. I am probably not very normal, but I have a problem of simply letting him do that. For one thing, I communicate by the written word, so it doesn’t take long to spit out a short, quick, meaningful retort. It won’t be smooth, but it will get the point across. I will always try to make it funny, but dammit all to hell if a pointy head fascist wants to get all into my business.

The best part of all this is how the Twit machine is filled with so many reprehensible assholes who just this past weekend celebrated the deaths of Jews who got trampled. They derided these people by calling them Settlers and said more of them should have died. I certainly doubt Twitter did a massive purge based on that egergious behavior. The savvy imply a need for genocide by not using those words.