Welcome to the jingle.

It’s a bit early, but thanks to the lunar calendar and the media cycle, add in a dose of Covid, and all sense of time has been scattered like buckshot. This is what makes the subject good enough sense for a blog piece. And since nothing has been added to the company blog since Donald Rumsfeld died, why not keep up with the good times?

Happy almost end of the year, All!

Though it’s pretty brutal out there, it’s important to stay focused on the big issues. Joe Biden did not make the gas prices go up. A combination of supply and demand as well as the push to a healthier environment pushed the market. Oh, and tension between Israel and Iran inflating futures pricing of crude oil about three months ago. White fright has always been profitable.

But enough of the Middle East. I’d like to focus here on a Sole Member sales pitch. I’ve got some very politically hip friends, and even a couple of them have asked, “Aren’t the 2020 Senate Impeachement Trial Acquittal playing cards so last year?”

Well, nothing is more fashionable than fighting fascism, and if I dare say, these cards are as hip as Bogie and Bacall. It is a total and complete shame that we have begun the 21st century fighting Nazis on our own shores, but my state has a senator who advocated storming school board meetings with Nazi salutes.

It’s really sad, but these cards are good fun.

They’re durable and they look sharp.

They’re filled with little factoids and some funny things that were said that were actually not so funny but rather infuriating, unless it’s in the context of a deck of cards which makes it humorous in a very sad sort of way. But still a lot of fun.

And they’re not stuck off the coast of California on a cargo ship, either.

2020 Senate Impeachment Trial Acquital playing cards. Get ’em while you can.