I haven’t been doing too much blogging lately, but before I hop back in the saddle of whimsical small business thinkings and stuff, I wanted to point out that the Post Office served B.R. Cards well this holiday season. Aside from an occasional shipment that got lost for a week in a system that involves humdreds of millions of parcels a day, I was able to successfully deliver within the continental U.S. as well as the shipments to Hawaii and Alaska.

Obviously, Sole Member is only one guy with limited experience, but so far in the nearly 16 months of online retailing, only one package had failed to reach its final destination. Without diving into much research, at least 8 out of 10 are reaching the customer on time, and I follow this stuff. Maniacally. Following the process from afar of the one overnight delivery requested this holiday season caused me palpitations.

In 2021, the US Postal Service handled 128.86 billion units of mail. That number is astounding and only 44% of the $306.4 billion that Elon Musk is supposedly worth. For me, though, to have a package that begins in a spare Central Texas bedroom and is able to zip to your fine abode, wherever in the 50 United States you happen to be, usually within a week and with the fuckheads in charge actively messing up the system, is pretty astounding.