I find myself still insisting that these cards aren’t factors of politics. They may be based on the actions of politicians in recent American history, but that doesn’t make the product itself a political tool. I am but a tax paying citizen of a country who wants fair elections and leaders who aren’t total pricks, and what I hope to accomplish with these cards is an educated public. Just how fucking stupid were these folks who voted to acquit Donald Trump? Our cards cover that.

That’s not politics. That’s common sense.

Politics is the governor of Texas blaming a representative from New York for support of the Green New Deal in response to a statewide blackout during a winter storm that killed over 250 folks in their homes. On the other hand, these are the cards I played by candlelight huddling under blankets with my dog for over 20 hours wondering if I was going to make it till morning. And entertained I was.

It was the Republican Party who circled the jerk and refused to allow the Constitution to take its course, not these cards. These cards are merely a product of those political actions.

Another product of those political actions would be Putin’s war on Ukraine. Should an invasion of a peaceful neighbor be considered politics? Of course not. This is history being made as much as a reminder that history repeats itself. All we can do is prepare ourselves for the next world calamity by making sure we don’t have people in charge who happen to be wrong about things like whether Donald Trump made enough egregious errors to be removed from his position.

If I was being political, I would remind somebody that all 52 of those people are Republicans.