This company blog post should have been published roughly six months ago, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Adding to my tardiness is there only being one significant change to report. Operations for B.R. Cards has moved from the frozen tundra of Central Texas to the wetlands of Southern California, and that ain’t fake news, folks.

One thing we like to do here at B.R. Cards is buck some trends. It helps to have a basic philosophy that the general mass public contains way too many dipshits to enforce any credibility. Popularity doesn’t make up for facts. (Neither do right wing news bubbles, which seems to be the primary source for the mass migration hysteria in my Google search.) So while newspapers and online sources reported on a massive migration of millions from California seeking independence, freedom, and whatnot in more affordable Red States homes, it wasn’t difficult to discern the bullshit. I spent more than half my life in Texas. The jobs I was finding were paying less than $20/hr. It was time to return to my land of birth.

Ironically, I had left California in 1999 partly to escape its political chaos. After controlling the governorship for over a decade, Republicans were fighting tooth and nail against the election of Gray Davis (D). So they orchestrated grief and ginned up a recall election that turned into a clown show. We had porn star candidates. Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, joined the fray and won as a Republican candidate. I was in Texas by then, a state governed by a neutered George W but had previously been run by Ann Richards, a smartass woman with a (D) next to her name. Texas was pretty purple state when I had arrived. Now, its divisiveness is dangerous and disgusting.

It would be funny how fast things can change if it also wasn’t so damn scary. On the flip side, with determination, we might be able to right the ship just as quickly, yes?