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Sole Member vs Goliath

The following is the official reason why Google banned the B.R. Cards ad campaign from the Google Ads platform. It took a few clicks to get to the link, but here's what the company explained to yours truly: Ads that potentially profit from or exploit a sensitive event with significant social, cultural, or political impact, [...]

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Google’s Back At It

Those motherfucking cocksuckers, as my maternal grandfather might have said. Once again, the smartest people on the Internet, the one corporation that makes it all happen, have decided that this company must not be able to advertise on political blogs for fear of bringing the dread of politics onto an ad medium service. Never mind [...]

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Our Republic, If We Can Keep It

Yesterday, before the government of the United States had to go into lockdown due to a rampaging goon squad of Infowarriors, QBalls, and American Nazis, I realized I hadn't finished the previous blog post whose title promised that I was going to get political. That title, of course, was meant to get images of leg [...]

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Update: Yes, We Are Now On Google Ads

There has been a lot of new traffic on the site recently, which means many new potential customers, and a few new readers. So it should be noted that Google has now allowed us to run our ads on the platform. Just as the trillion dollar global corporation arbitrarily decided on Oct 25 that the [...]

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The B.R. Cards Social Media Policy

Recently, I made the executive decision to rejoin Facebook on a personal basis so that I could promote my new company as a professional. The reason for this should be obvious. And those who have read the previous iteration of my blog, the reason why I chose to leave Facebook was pretty gosh darn obvious, [...]

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Talking Turkey

Thanks to Google being a bunch of cockblocking assholes, sales haven't been as brisk as I had imagined they would have been. But sales have been consistent, and the feedback has been strictly positive. And despite our inability to advertise to the mass public, today the company received its first ever hate mail. It appears [...]

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This Is Still the Company Blog

It ought to be repeated that the thoughts here on the back page of the website consist of completely of my own beliefs and are not to be considered that of the company. The company just wants to sell cards. Meanwhile, I, Sole Member, may get bored while in between packing packages. If anything, [...]

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Reddit, Home of the Raging Hormonal Foaming at the Mouth Anti-Semite, Says Google Has a Point

What do I know about Reddit? Arguably, not much. I've used it to watch streams of ballgames that were otherwise blacked out in my broadcast region. I also know that they hid behind 1st Amendment rights when allowing folks to post pro-Nazi hysteria. They got filthy rich doing that for a decade. Reddit says that [...]

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